Perth: Adding a new dimension to rotation policy, Cricket Australia has decided to play its best players only in important series while series that are deemed less important will be used to develop new players.

"We do look at different series differently and obviously we took the Indian series very much about trying to drive performance, so if a player was touch and go, we`d probably push him for this series knowing that if we had to rest him for part of the ODI series so be it.

"For New Zealand we took more of a conservative approach, took the chance to get people right," Cricket Australia team performance chief Pat Howard said.

However, Howard assured that Australia will never field its `B` team, no matter who the opponent is.

"There are risks associated with that and we have to keep that balance. Without question we want to win every series and we`re never going to go in with a B-team against anybody, that`s for sure. But we will take the opportunity to introduce players and with the downside of losing Hobart the upside is that we got to see David Warner at his best.

"At times we will take educated risks during a series to maintain overall opportunity to introduce players," Howard said.

Asked if Australia would not be accused of disrespecting lower-ranked opponents if it doesn`t pick the best available players for every series, Howard replied in a negative.

"James Pattinson is a well-regarded player now but going into that series he wouldn`t have been considered top of the tree. You`ve got to take the chance to introduce these players and find out. Some people say, `is this the best player`? Well the selectors believe they have the potential to be, and in James Pattinson`s case that has proven very right."

Howard also said they consider India to be a formidable opponent and thus fielded the best available players.

"For India, it was very much about trying to get the best players on the field. We knew Ryan Harris would be injected at some stage during the series so we kept him and Mitchell Starc very close to the team, knowing the likelihood we would lose a player or two during the series," he said.