The assessment of international magazine Time that Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is an underperformer and has done nothing but to waste time during past three years confirms the belief of the average citizens of the country that the UPA government has been totally unsuccessful in its second tenure. Whatever be the clarifications of the Central government but the views expressed in the Time magazine are not only a blot on the image of the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh but the disappointment among the people. This conclusion comes at a time when the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is promising to carry forward the economic reforms which are on hold along with the reforms in other sectors. It seems that like national media, even the international media too has no trust on him. There are sufficient reasons behind it. There are genuine reasons for thinking on this way because people have been listening that after this or that month or year, the government will lay thrust on reforms. Earlier it was said that the UPA’s agenda of reforms will be carried forward after the assembly elections in the states like West Bengal and Tamil Nadu in 2011. But nothing happened. Later it was said that the Centre will prioritize the reforms after the assembly elections in the states like Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Punjab and other states early this year. Now it is being said that government will give thrust on reforms after the presidential poll due this month. It is hard to decipher the relationship between the presidential poll and the reforms in economic and other areas. When the people have no direct involvement in the presidential election then what is the rationale behind sitting idle in the name of this election. Unfortunately, the allegations against the government that it has been hamstrung by policy paralysis and has been unable to take necessary decisions seem to be right.

It is very ironical that the government’s inability in taking decisions is apparent at every level. Those reforms are still pending which require the approval of the Parliament. Besides, those reforms are also not being carried forward which require the approval of the cabinet only. The Congress and its allies could present many arguments to deny the assessment of Time magazine about the failure of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh but in fact it seems difficult for them to present concrete facts to refute the allegations of policy paralysis. It is a fact that the dispensation at the Centre is seemingly writing a new story of its failure and this is the reason why everyone is of the view that the Government of India has totally failed in meeting the expectations of the people. It is difficult to interpret that who is the person at the centre of the sarcastic comment of the West Bengal Chief Minster in which she has said that the nation is witnessing a rise in the number of gutless leaders, but their sufficient reasons to believe that she was mainly targeting the Centre. The policy makers of the UPA should seriously contemplate over the fact that the lack of connect between the government and the people has made the government weak and vulnerable which coerces it to hide the reality.