New Delhi: Soon, the passengers travelling in railways will get to know about the details of reservation of seats in coaches. Train Ticket Examiner (TTE) traveling in trains will let the passengers know about the occupancy of seats through a hand-held terminal (mini computer) provided to them.

This mini computer will be connected to the railway terminal which will also inform about fresh online reservations and how many seats are vacant in the moving train.

This scheme implemented as a pilot project three years back in Amritsar and Kalka Shatabdi proved to be successful.

Now, after fixing some technical problems, the project has been launched in Amritsar Shatabdi, Dehradun Shatabdi, Ajmer Shatabdi, Mumbai Rajdhani, Jammu Rajdhani and August Kranti Express.

According to railways officials, as per the present Passenger Reservation System (PRS) format, reservation chart is prepared just before the train leaves the station and there is a facility for current reservation as well. But, seats still remained vacant which was not fed in the PRS earlier.

Following this, the waiting passengers in the next station are unaware of the vacant seats and the TTEs take advantage of the situation by selling the vacant berths.

Recently, an electronic train charting facility has been started at New Delhi railway station. This chart will be seen in the hand held computer terminal given to the TTE travelling in the trains and will also be connected to the PRS.

Chief Public Relations Officer, Northern Railways, SK Sharma said, “This project has been completely successful and will soon be implemented in other trains under second phase.”