The technology called ‘HeadsUP!’ allows users to engage with their smartphones without needing to look down, or fumbling with them while driving.

It enables voice dictation and touch-free swiping to let users interact with the screen, said NeXT, the US-based company behind ‘HeadsUP!’.

Texts, calls, message notifications and navigation appear on your windshield below your line of sight without obstructing your view, according to the product description on Indiegogo.

The user gets into their vehicle, launches the ‘HeadsUP!’ app, and connects to the ‘HeadsUP!’ interface either through USB or Bluetooth. Users will mainly utilize messaging and mapping services, it said.

When inactive, ‘HeadsUP!’ is completely transparent. It activates automatically when the user receives an incoming call or message, which displays on the transparent display. The user can ignore the message or use voice and/or gesture commands to respond.

According to Mashable, NeXt CEO Arnab Raychaudhuri said that ‘HeadsUP!’ significantly reduces reaction time while driving. The other members of Raychaudhuri's team are Smita Majumdar and Eddie Raychaudhuri.