New Delhi: It seems the investigative agencies have laid down their arms in front of the terrorists who come up with a new technique every time they trigger bomb blasts that wipe out the tall claims of the intelligence and security agencies.

IB chief Nehchal Sandhu accepted the fact about the changing dynamics of the terror groups on Thursday while speaking at a conference of the Director General of Police of several states.

Highlighting the fact, Sandhu stressed that the security agencies should also change their old style of investigation.

“We need to change the investigation process. Now the terror outfits are operating in small groups. Not only this, they are also communicating with each other through electronic techniques like mobile, laptop or emails. They shift their base immediately after the attacks. In the meantime, the security agencies still use old method to nail the culprit,” Sandhu said.
The intelligence agencies have come under severe criticism for failing to gather intelligence on terror activities.

(JPN/ Bureau)