London: You are more likely to meet your Best Friend Forever (BFF) at your workplace rather than at school or college or through hobbies or family, a new study has found. The study in Britain observed that one in three workers find their kindered spirits sitting across the desks or gossiping around the water cooler in the office.

As many as one-third of the 2,012 participants admitted to making majority of their friends through work, a daily reported. Over one in 10 said their friendship group consists mainly of friends they met at university and 4% while on holiday.

Researchers found that people now have little time to spend on hobbies after work, and just three in 100 friends are now met through sport, music and the arts. According to the study, a third of adults met their best buddy when they shared a classroom as school pupils.

This was followed by friends made at workplace (27%), through other friends, (11%) and university (10%), the poll of 2,012 people found. Just 1% met friends while house sharing. Among men and women aged over 50, friendships made at school still account for one in six of their social circle, indicating these friendships do last a lifetime.


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