While some of them will flaunt social awareness themes, others have stories that inevitably succumb to the pull of the stereotype. hitlist takes a sneak peek into some promising soaps that will be launched in the next couple of months.

'Tere Sheher Mein'                                                                                                                                                

Cast: Gautami Kapoor and Heeba Nawab
What to expect: The story of a pampered girl who comes from Paris and discovers herself in the journey with circumstances conspiring to take her to Benaras. It's been shot extensively in Paris and Benaras — places that the television industry has barely explored earlier.

Cast: Gaurav Chopraa and Aakanksha Singh
What to expect: A finite series set against the backdrop of the hospitality industry, as the name suggests. It is expected to give us a taste of the real functioning behind five-star hotels.

Cast: Hiten Tejwani, Gungun Uprari and Sushmita Mukherjee
What to expect: Set in Benaras, the story will have a little village girl playing the titular character. It will highlight socially relevant issues like those related to girl children and their constant battle against parochial ideas.

Vikas Bahl's untitled show
Cast: Sohail Khan
What to expect: Sohail, who is making his debut on the small screen with this show, will be seen as an industry struggler dreaming it make it big. Big brother Salman Khan and the rest of khaandaan will make special appearances in the series.

'Ye Galiyaan Yeh Chaubaara'
Cast: Humayun Ashraf, Sidrah Batool
What to expect: The Pakistani show will focus on a man who is against the idea of girls pursuing higher education.
Somehow, his wife manages to convince him to allow at least one of their two daughters to study further. The girl then falls for her professor's son — and all hell breaks loose.

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