New Delhi: In order to provide free legal advice to people, Legal Information Institute of India (LII of India) in association with other premier institutions of the country has prepared a website containing 3 lakh court verdicts.

Verdicts delivered by several courts within the country and abroad have been uploaded on the portal that would help advocates and law students in taking reference from them.

On the initiative of LII of India, several leading institutes including Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kharagpur, National Law University Delhi, National Law Schools Hyderabad and Bangalore and National University for Judicial Science Kolkata extended their cooperation in the formation of the website.

National Law School, Vice-Chancellor Professor Ranvir Singh said, “The initiative has been made for providing free legal access to the court verdicts to the advocates practising in the local courts, law students and people.”

“About 3 lakh national and international court rulings have been made online through this website. People can search plenty of cases on the website, which has been designed using latest technology,” added Singh.

Keeping in mind the law students, information related to international treaty and international cases have also been unloaded on the website.

In addition, articles of the renowned law scholars of the country have also been incorporated in the website.