New York: New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has said the city authorities would not allow the violence that swept Oakland to be repeated in New York. In California state's Oakland, police had to use tear gas on Thursday to stop hundreds of agitated Occupy Wall Street protesters who were destroying shop windows and setting fire in the streets and engaging in other acts of vandalism.

Bloomberg said during his weekly WOR radio appearance that the city would not tolerate some of the behaviour at Zuccotti Park, but officials also must “understand the laws and the implications,” he added.

The mayor said anybody who thought the city was doing nothing was wrong.

He said some protesters were trying to destroy the neighbourhood around their camp site but most were not.

Bloomberg earlier promised to take measures against some protesters after city residents complained about noise, disturbances and social misbehaviour.

Occupy Wall Street protests began on September 17 and were aimed against the government's financial policies, unemployment and the wealthy people in general.