Mumbai: The feud between buddies Salman Khan and Sanjay Dutt reeks of a publicity gimmick.

Over the past two weeks, there have been reports of disputes over various issues between best buds Salman Khan and Sanjay Dutt. A few days ago, they conveniently patched up.

While we've read what brewed in between, the flows of events between the two big stars force us to wonder if this feud was a well-orchestrated publicity gimmick for their latest television endeavour.

July 19: Sanjay was announced as Salman's co-host in Bigg Boss 5, a show that has been garnering maximum eyeballs ever since Salman's come on board.

However, with Sanjay's last 14 films taking a hit at the box office, there was little chance that he would let go of this golden opportunity with best friend Salman.

July 21: At Sanju's wife Maanayata's birthday party, Salman breaks into an argument with producer Bunty Walia, which does not go down too well with the former.

That apart, it was also said that Dutt was upset because Salman had asked him to play his father in Bodyguard. Please note that he played a cameo in Salman's last film Ready.

July 22: Salman threatens to walk out of Bigg Boss, a show that has been getting him bigger bucks than any other TV host.

July 23: Salman and Sanjay shoot for a promo of Bigg Boss at Film City, where everything seemed hale and hearty between them.

July 24: Sanjay throws yet another party. He invites Shah Rukh Khan and not Salman. Suddenly, once again all is not well between the two, with speculations of Sanjay doing this to purposely irk his pal.

29 July: Sanju throws yet another party in Pattaya after the shoot of his film Rascals for no apparent reason. He invites neither Salman nor SRK for this one.

August 7: Papers report that all is well between the two actors as the fight has been resolved.

Last week of August: The first Bigg Boss promo is scheduled to be released. The show goes on air in October.