According to reports, the next iPhone, expected to be unveiled in the end 2015, will focus on camera and may have several advanced and next generation shooting capabilities. Other reports suggest the new iPhone may house a 2GB of RAM, Apple A9 SoCs, and 12-megapixel cameras.

The new device may also feature Touch ID support, NFC for Apple Pay, 802.11ac Wi-Fi capabilities, and LTE Advanced that have become integral to the iPhone.

Apple is planning to launch new devices in 2015 to boost the sales and increase market share in the growing tech space around the globe. The company recently dethroned Samsung from the top spot on the global smartphone tally, a position that the Korean electronics giant had strongly held for over three years.

Recently, Apple launched a host of products at its well-attended developer's conference in San Francisco, including two operating systems for its PC and its iPhone and iPad, besides a software update for its watch and a couple of apps on news and online payments.