London: Closing your eyes for a few minutes could be the key to remembering important facts, say scientists. Simply taking a few minutes of "wakeful resting" allows the information to sink in. The "trick" works best with verbal information rather than numbers. Scientists believe that memories are not formed as fast as people think, and taking this "time out" allows them time to bed in, a daily reported on Tuesday.

In two experiments, thirty-three adults between the ages of 61 and 87 were told two short stories and told to remember as many details as possible.

Immediately afterward, they were asked to describe what happened in the story. Then they were given a 10-minute delay that consisted either of wakeful resting or playing a spot-the-difference game on the computer.

Participants remembered much more story material when the story presentation had been followed by a period of wakeful resting, a daily added.


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