Houston: An NGO here working for the maternal healthcare has raised USD 60,000 for educating and minimising suffering and death associated with pregnancy and childbirth in India.
Save A Mother (SAM) raised the fund during a gala event here titled "Saving Mothers--Sultanpur & Beyond".
The event enabled the guests mostly business and community leaders and individual philanthropists, to get an overview of SAM's activities, accomplishments and how well their donations are spent in curbing the maternal mortality and various others related health care issues.
This will go a long way to help an Indian woman, who dies every 14 minutes during pregnancy or childbirth, delivers about 210 babies every minute, 50 percent in unsanitary conditions, increasing the risk of infection and even death, the NGO said.
A quarter of the world's total maternal deaths take place in India - the most in any country in the world. Women in India are 60 to 70 times more likely to die in pregnancy or childbirth than in other countries, it said.
Save-a-Mother's vision is to have trained voluntary social health activists to lead the health revolution in every village in India.
"Maternal deaths are avoidable with the help of skilled health personnel, adequate nutrition, better medical facilities and family planning," said Houston Chapter President Veena Kaul.
"However, poor women, in rural India where fertility rates are higher and teenage marriages are common, face an uphill battle to overcome lack of access to medical care and we aim to identify and address gaps in care by sensitising and educating population, who will consider health care as a basic human right".


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