The four winners were selected from 77 NGOs and social enterprises using mobile phones and developing innovative mobile applications for the community.

"With over 860 million mobile phone users in our country, the potential of using mobile technology to improve people's lives is tremendous," said Rohit Adya, director, external affairs, Vodafone India.

Women Mobile Lifeline Channel, Mobile Kunji, Project Leapfrog and Swara Platform Mojolab are the mobile apps being used to work for women health, educating health workers, helping tea-growing adivasis of Tamil Nadu and for the tribes of Chhattisgarh, respectively.

"There is a rising trend among NGOs using mobile phones and its diverse features and functionalities to meet evolving demands of the communities," Osama Manzar, founder, Digital Empowerment Foundation, said.

The NGOs awarded have been working in the fields of health, education, governance and business inclusion.


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