Mumbai: RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat on Saturday said that Non Government Organisations (NGOs) were an important institution in the present times.
Government could set up systems but could not put soul into the implementation, he said, adding that "NGOs play a very important role in this respect."
Elaborating, he said, "The Aadhar UID card is a good concept. But, they (authorities) agree that there is no full-proof method to verify whether genuine Indian citizens are being registered for the card. They say it is not our job. According to them, government has given them the job of providing cards which they are doing."
The RSS supreme expressed satisfaction that non-government efforts were growing.
"This is a good sign for the country which is aspiring to become a superpower," he said.
"Soul" of the Indian nation was singular, though its manifestation may vary, he said.
"The term Hindu Rashtra has been coined by the RSS, but I feel it is not rigid. Respecting diversity and staying united is our uniqueness."
If the prosperous section of the society realised that there were weaker and downtrodden people, and that the rich can make a difference to the lives of the poor, society would become stronger and united, he said.
There could be no unity "without uniformity", he said.
Bhagwat also said that globalisation was not bringing people closer, but creating "a world market".