New Delhi: The National Human Rights commission (NHRC) on Wednesday issued notice to the Haryana government on the death of an innocent child who was allegedly punished by his teacher in a private school.

Taking cognizance of the incident, the commission has issued notice to the principal secretary of the state’s education department seeking a report within four weeks.

According to reports, the incident took place in Kamela village in Karnal district. On 27 Dec teacher gave punishment to six-year old Pankaj Singh by locking him up in a dark room. The child was left locked even after the school got over. Alarmed with delay, the parents went to the school in his search and found lying unconscious behind the locks.
Following the incident, the boy was so threatened that he stopped eating properly and had to be admitted to a hospital. Soon, he was discharged as he showed some sign of recovery. He was sent back to the school. But after seeing the same teacher in the class who had punished him earlier, he fainted in shock and was once again hospitalized. However, after getting discharged on 11th February, he succumbed to the mental trauma.

Based on the village Panchayat’s reconciliation between the family and the school authorities, they cremated the child without lodging any complaint with the police. But on Feb 20 child’s parents reported the matter to the local authorities.