Kolkata: Making a significant headway into the July 13 serial bomb blasts in Mumbai, a team of the National Investigation Agency (NIA) arrested Ziyarat Sheikh, who allegedly supplied explosives to the perpetrators of the deadly strikes that claimed over 20 lives and left over 100 others injured.

Ziyarat was arrested near Bangladesh-West Bengal border at Suti village of Murshidabad district. It is the second arrest in the blast case after Riyazul alias Akash Khan was detained at Kishanganj, Bihar.

Earlier this week, two NIA sleuths reached Murshidabad as undercover.

Even the local police came to know about their presence in the area only when Ziyarat was being produced in court for transit remand.

Both the undercover agents, on August 3, reached Nootanchandra village, which falls under Suti Police station area. They interacted with the villagers on the pretext of buying ammonium nitrate.

The sleuths met Ziyarat, who showed them high quality ammonium nitrate. They made a deal with him and asked to supply material on August 4. The investigative officer reached the decided spot before time and arrested Ziyarat with huge quantity of the explosive.

Naprajeet Mujkherjee, Deputy General Inspector of Police, West Bengal confirmed on Friday that the department has received information about the arrest.

According to the villagers of Nootanchandra, Ziyarat used to supply explosives to political party workers during election, but they had no idea of his link with Mumbai blast.

The investigative agency will now try to extract information about the person to whom ammonium nitrate was supplied for the serial blasts.

Ziyarat will be also quizzed about his links with Riyazul alias Akash Khan, absconding Amir Reza Khan and his aide Abdullah alias Nata in connection with terror attack.