New Delhi: The National Investigative Agency (NIA) will soon send letter rogatory or letter of request to US and Morocco to quiz two wives of Mumbai attacks perpetrator David Coleman Headley alias Dawood Gilani. The agency also plans to make Headley’s wives as witness in the case.

The Home Ministry recently gave approval to chargesheet against nine accused including David Coleman Headley, his accomplice Tahawwur Husain Rana and seven other Pakistani handlers in the Mumbai attacks case. The NIA is expected to file chargesheet within a day or two.

According to reports, Shazia Gilani, one of Headly’s two wives is presently living  in Chicago while his another wife Faiza Ataullah resides in Morocco. A senior NIA official said his both wives had knowledge about the Mumbai attacks.

Shazia had congratulated Headly after the attacks and Faiza had revealed that she had alerted the US authorities about the impending attack on Mumbai in advance.

The testimony of both of Headly’s wives against the all nine accused is being seen a significant development.

According to NIA officials, the agency will approach both US and Morrocan authorities to quiz them and record their statements. Their testimonies can be used as proof against the accused in the court, the officials added.

Keeping in view the bitter relations between Faiza with Headly, the NIA authorities expect that she will easily spill the beans against her husband.

Faiza studied in Lahore Medical College and immediately after their marriage, they visited India and stayed in Mumbai’s Taj Hotel for the purpose of reece. Later disagreements developed between them and Faiza, according to reports, had complained to LeT chief Hafiz Saed4 against Headly.

Faiza was also arrested by Lahore police on a complaint from Headly, but she was released at the intervention of ISI’s Major Iqbal just two months before the Mumbai attacks.

Headley at many levels tried to shield Shazia from the US security agencies and after his arrest, Headly in his plea bargain put a condition that he will not be asked any question about Shazia.