Haridwar: If Uttrakhand government does not respond to the sticky points in connection with the death of Nigmananda by Wednesday, Matri Sadan has threatened to go on fast from Thursday.

Swami Nigmananda had been fasting for almost four months in the protest against illegal mining and stone-crushing along the Ganga near Haridwar and he died at Himalayan Hospital in Dehradun on June 13.

On Monday, Swami Dayanand from Matri Sadan sent a fax to the state Governor and Chief Minister to seek reply on several points regarding the death of Nigmananda. The letter included the demand of CBI investigation into the death of Swami Nigmananda.

Members of Matri Sadan alleged that Swami Nigmananda was poisoned at the government hospital, Haridwar, where he was taken for forced feeding on the 68th day of his fast. Later, Swami Nigmananda slipped into coma and died. 

The Matri Sadan members also objected to the way postmortem was carried out without giving information to his family and members of Matri Sadan.

Swami Dayanand said they will wait for the government’s response till Wednesday else they will fast from Thursday.