Washington: Nikki Haley, the Indian-American Governor of South Carolina, will campaign for US presidential hopeful Mitt Romney in New Hampshire and in her own state.

In South Carolina, Haley would join Romney and Senator John McCain; while in New Hampshire she would address election meetings along with the former Massachusetts

Haley, who last year created history to become the first Indian American women to be elected as the Governor of a US States, had earlier endorsed Romney for presidency.
Mitt Romney is facing intense attack from his Republican rivals in New Hampshire after winning the Iowa Caucus by a slim margin of eight votes.

Rick Santorum, who lost the Iowa Caucus to Romney, by eight votes in an email to his supporters said Romney is a "bland, boring career politician who will lose to Barack Obama."

Haley's endorsement is considered to be a boon for Romney as she is highly popular with the Tea Party and conservative Republicans.

New Hampshire Republican primary is scheduled for January 10.

Another Indian American Governor, Bobby Jindal, is supporting Rick Perry, the Texas Governor, in this presidential race.
On Wednesday, Perry announced that he would resume his campaign.

On Tuesday night after finishing fifth in the Iowa Caucus, Perry had said that he would go back to Texas to reassess his campaign, giving rise to speculation that he might suspend his campaign.

However, Perry tweeted that he was not thinking otherwise.