On Navy Day, here are nine unknown facts about Indian Navy that you must know:

  • The Ezhimala Naval Academy in Kerala is the largest naval academy in Asia


  • INS Viraat, the last British built ship, is also the longest serving aircraft carrier in the world          
  • India's maritime history dates back to 5,600 years as the first tidal dock is estimated to have been built at Lothal (at present near the Mangrol harbour on the Gujarat  coast) during the Indus Valley Civilisation
  • Chhatrapati Shivaji Raje Bhosale is considered as the 'Father of Indian Navy', because he built a strong naval presence across the coast of Konkan and Goa to protect sea trade


  • The MCF (Marine Commando Force) also known as MARCOS are the special operations unit of the Indian Navy raised in 1987. They are widely known for their rescue operations during 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks.

  • India Navy's Sagar Pawan aerobatic demonstration team is a naval aerobatic team in the world, the other being the Blue Angels of the US Navy

  • Indian Navy was the first naval force to send a submariner to Mount Everest
  • Indian Navy successfully completed an expedition to the North Pole and the South Pole
  •  The Indian Navy's flag incorporates St. George’s Cross design, a part of the Union Jack with emblem of India at the cross section and Indian flag to the right


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