"With each passing day her memories get more intense. But we are not even able to face the memories as we have failed to secure justice for her. And now there is no hope for justice!," the 50-year-old father of the victim said in a choked voice.
According to the father, it has been three years and yet the four culprits have not been hanged. The juvenile convict, allegedly the 'most brutal' of the six accused, is scheduled to be released on December 20 after his term at the observation home ends.
The father of the girl said the youth, who was a juvenile at the time of the incident, should not be released as he is a 'threat' to the society. They have also submitted representations to the Home Ministry and National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) demanding the same.
"For us he is the the killer of our daughter who is being set free despite his heinous crime. We demand that he should not be released," the father said. But despondence enters his tone as he says, "We are small people. Who will listen to us? For the last three years we have knocked each and every door with the hope of getting justice, but all in vain," he said.
Meanwhile, the Centre had on Monday asked Delhi High Court to extend the observation home stay of the juvenile convict, saying several mandatory aspects were missing from the post-release rehabilitation plan which needed to be considered before setting him free.

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