New Delhi: Controversial spiritual guru Nirmal Baba is recently in the news for all the wrong reasons this time. Two youngsters of Lucknow -- Tanaya Thakur and Aditya Thakur – had filed a report against the self-proclaimed godman at a police station on Wednesday. They want Nirmal Baba be punished for allegedly cheating ordinary people through his “impractical” solutions.

Tanaya, 16 and Aditya, 13 -- children of Amitabh Thakur who is an IPS officer -- on Tuesday went to the Gomtinagar police station to get an FIR registered against Nirmal Baba. The written report said he allegedly cheats common people by claiming that he has godly powers. The report says his activities fuel superstitious thoughts and are a “hindrance to modernistic thoughts”.

Acting on the complaint of Tanya and Aditya, the police  had already registered the FIR against Nirmal Baba under various sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) including 417 (Punishment for cheating),  419 (Punishment for cheating by impersonation), 420 (Cheating).

Police to investigate before coming to conclusion:

The police, however, said that the final decision would come only after the investigation. Recently, acting on a petition filed by Nirmal Baba against an American website, the Delhi High Court had ordered the portal not to publish any content which damages Baba’s image publicly. Nirmal Baba came into limelight recently when clashes broke out between his supporters and protestors over the broadcasting rights of Baba’s programmes that were to be aired on 35 channels.

There are about 3 lakh people on Facebook and 42 thousand people on twitter who follow Nirmal Baba. For every ‘Samagam’ that Baba holds in different parts of the country, on an average 5000 people mark their attendance. Every visitor is charged Rs 2,000 as an entry fees.

Baba’s past life:

Nirmaljeet Singh Narula alias Nirmal Baba, born in a Sikh family in 1950, is a relative of former Jharkhand Assembly Speaker Indersingh Naamdhari. When Baba lost his father in 1970, his mother sent him to Daltanganj in Jharkhand. Those days he use to run a cloth’s shop and later started a bricks business, but failed to survive in any of the businesses for long.