New Delhi: Swami Nithyananda, as he is popularly known was allegedly embroiled in a sexual act, has been exposed for his wrongdoings recently. Self-styled Godman Nithyananda is defamed for his sex exploits in his ashrams. Taking advantage of the faith, Nithyananda used to exploit female followers for sex.

A heinous act what a preacher can ever do, he used to call himself God Shiva and called female followers as Parvati to convince them for entering into a sexual relationship. While manipulating a follower for sex, he even explained sex as holy act and there is no harm in doing it.   

With a court had issued warrant against him, Nithyananda can be arrested anytime. Police has already taken his ashram under control. With imminent threat of an arrest, followers have begun to evacuate his ashram. Police is doing raids at different places to arrest him. The Karnataka government had issued search warrant against Nithyananda on Monday.

Nithyanada hogged the limelight for all the wrong reasons when a video of him doing sex with a south-Indian actress came to the fore last year.

Replying her sexual encounter with the self-styled godman, the actress in her statement on charge sheet told that he convinced her for sex in order to help achieve salvation. 

Surprisingly, Nithyananda also toured Las Vegas in 2006. During the trip he used to wear jeans and went to night clubs, strip clubs. It is said that the self-styled godman had special likings for lap dance and he used to reciprocate it in his ashram with his female followers.


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