New Delhi: Even as the party opposes FDI in multi-brand retail, BJP president Nitin Gadkari on Tuesday pitched for foreign investment in other sectors and conducive atmosphere to bring back capital in the country.

"FDI has stopped coming in the country. Whatever had come is going back. Indian industry is taking its investment out of the country. The atmosphere in the country is not friendly for industrial investment. The nation has to be made friendly to capital investment in industry. FDI in various sectors has to be brought in the country," Gadkari told party youth workers.

Gadkari also suggested that a mechanism is needed for conducting 'performance audit' of the government as well as the political parties to ensure best results of development efforts.

"Performance audit is required to be enforced in this country...this should be there even for parties...There is need for a strong political will, development-oriented approach and team spirit, especially among politicians," Gadkari said delivering a talk on 'Politics of Development' at a programme organised by the Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha.

The BJP chief also criticised the presence of government in various businesses like textiles, steel, airlines, railways and mining, where there have been losses.

Gadkari exhorted youth to contribute in the country's development and asked them to adopt the path of honesty. He lamented that even after 65 years of Independence, the country was still fighting poverty. Gadkari said there was a difference between modernization and westernisation. "We are in favour of modernisation, but not in favour of westernisation," he said, adding that e-governance can help in checking corruption to a large extent.

Not supporting any capitalist or socialist approach, Gadkari said, "the government may it be of any political party, as far as trade and business is concerned, in 90 percent of cases it has proved to be worst (in performance)."

"Government is not supposed to run the business. Government is supposed to make the policies...not run business and do trade. I am not supporting any capitalism or other thought," the BJP president said.

He suggested bringing in more players to create competition which will prove better for the consumer.

Citing the example of government-run gold mines, Air India, Railways and textile and steel mills, Gadkari said, "only one thing has been proved right, 'jiska raja beopari, uski janta bikhari' (people are beggars where the king is a trader)."

Gadkari lamented that the nation, which has been primarily ruled by Congress, is still grappling with poverty and is unable to remove it.

Gadkari takes jibe at Rahul

Taking a jibe at Rahul Gandhi for saying he will remove poverty from the nation, the BJP chief said so did his father, grandmother and great grandfather say all these 65 years after Independence.

He lamented that the nation was suffering due to wrong decisions, bad economic policies, poor leadership coupled with lack of vision and lack of will to take decisions, besides corruption. He said during a discussion on why India is still poor, a Japanese industrialist had once told him that 'India is not a poor nation, it is a poorly managed nation'.

Gadkari said there has been deterioration in every spheres and only politicians should not be blamed for it.

He said "politics is a game of compromises and political limitations and compulsions" but felt that BJP can provide good, corruption-free governance alongwith social harmony that can lead the nation forward.

Focus on work: Gadkari to party workers

Even as the party seeks to reinvent itself ahead of 2014 Lok Sabha elections, BJP president Nitin Gadkari told his party leaders to concentrate on their work and not merely give speeches if they want the organisation to grow.

Speaking at a party function at the BJP headquarters here, Gadkari said "BJP has two types of leaders. One who work and the other who merely give speeches. I have told such leaders who only give speeches to work for the party."

At the recent BJP conclave in Surajkund, Haryana, Gadkari had encouraged his cadre to shun sycophancy and work as part of a team for the party's progress.

He had said BJP is not a "wholesale party or a proprietary concern" and members should stop touching the feet of young leaders. "We do not have the culture of worshipping the rising son. This is not a ma-beta (mother-son) party," Gadkari had said, in an obvious jibe at Congress.

Tuesday's statement appears to be a part of this effort by Gadkari to see his cadre become active in party work instead of just giving sermons and speeches. He has said unless there is a change in BJP's style of functioning, it will not emerge as a "credible alternative" to Congress.

The party feels Congress is "losing credibility" among the masses due to a string of scams and corruption cases against union ministers but BJP should be in a position to capitalise on them.


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