New Delhi: Trading charges with government over Lokpal Bill fiasco, the BJP on Friday alleged that the events in Rajya Sabha on Thursday were planned and orchestrated by the UPA dispensation and demanded that it should quit.

In an interaction with reporters, BJP President Nitin Gadkari said it was an unfortunate day in the history of parliamentary democracy.

"UPA government and the Congress have made a mockery of Indian democracy.... Instead of giving a strong Lokpal, the government proceeded without any seriousness and tried to violate the rights of the states as per the federal system envisaged in our Constitution," Gadkari said.

The BJP maintained that the Bill moved by the government shows it did not intend to bring a strong Lokpal.

Gadkari argued that since the government had failed to get the Constitutional amendment Bill on Lokpal passed and had run away from voting in the Rajya Sabha, it had no moral right to continue in office.

"Government faced a crushing defeat in the Lok Sabha on the Constitutional amendment Bill. In the Rajya Sabha, where the Prime Minister was present, there should have been voting but government violated all rules of democracy in a planned manner and got the House adjourned," Gadkari said.

The BJP claimed that the incident was a blemish on Indian democracy. "This government has no moral right to continue in office. Both Manmohan Singh and this government should go on moral grounds and free the country of their rule," he said.

The party will launch a nation-wide agitation on this issue, Gadkari declared.