"There was no past example of such a programme when a chief minister interacted directly with the common man. It was started in Bihar during my regime," said Kumar, who since his first term as Chief Minister of NDA in November 2005 has been regularly holding the meets.

Earlier, Kumar's 'Janata ke darbar mein Mukhya Mantri' was held twice a week, but later it was made once a week affair and is held on every Monday. Asked if he would like to give any tips to Kejriwal to make his Janata Darbar successful, the Chief Minister said, "Everybody has his or her own style of functioning and it is not my nature to interfere or provide unsolicited advice.

"I do not wish to comment on the style of holding Janata Darbar of anybody. I know about myself and take care that problems of petitioners are solved," Kumar told reporters. He said that complaints by people are fed into computer and the complainants were informed about action taken by his office, which had a special unit.

Kumar added that beside petitioners, many people come to his Janata Darbar out of curiosity. The Chief Minister said AAP should be given time to deliver on their promises before comment was made on its performance.


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