"Like a person while making a long walk makes assessment from time to time as to how much distance he has travelled, BJP through series of survey reports is calculating that the post of prime ministership is only some distance away now," the Bihar Chief Minister told reporters on the sidelines of a function in Patna.
Commenting on BJP's enthusiasm over such survey results, the JD-U leader said, "Khayali pulao paka rahe hai (it’s their wishful thinking)."
"They are living in their own world far away from reality, politics is a different ball game," he said in a bid to puncture the excitement of BJP over survey reports.
He also predicted ‘big loss’ to Congress in the upcoming Lok Sabha polls.
Though a final announcement is yet to come, now it is almost certain that Congress would be going in polls with RJD, LJP and NCP in Bihar.
The JD-U leader, who is an important leader behind the efforts to bringing non-Congress and non-BJP parties together in an alternative Front, said, “Things are moving in a positive direction for formation of a Federal Front."
He said that Left Front has taken initiative for formation of the alternative Front and JD-U is actively supporting them.
On BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi ridiculing the Third Front, Nitish said that it reflects their ‘helplessness’ and ‘palpitation’.
"Earlier, they were reacting to Congress but the day they came to know about formation of an alternative Front of non-Congress and non-BJP parties they have developed cold feet and are making irrelevant comments against it," he said.


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