The remark was made by Transport and SC&ST (Scheduled Cast and Scheduled Tribes Cast ) Minister Ramai Ram while answering a question of a BJP member regarding non-payment of scholarship to SC & ST students in a college in Vaishali district.

On questioner Mahendra Baitha's demand that the matter should be probed by vigilance department, the Minister said handing over the matter to vigilance would mean "dragging" it
for a longer period and instead mooted inquiry by department commissioner.

Soon Leader of Opposition Nand Kishore Yadav rose from his seat and said the minister's comment regarding vigilance department's functioning was enough to prove its efficiency
and impartiality.

Yadav demanded that Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, who was not present in the House at that time, clarify his government's policy towards vigilance department.

Soon other members joined in and there was trading of charges between treasury and opposition benches.

But the minister refused to relent and said he had long experience in public life and know functioning style of vigilance department.

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