New Delhi: Facing all-round attack in the wake of corruption allegations the Manmohan Singh-led Central government might be toying with the idea of toughening the norms to get information through Right to Information Act, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, however, differs on the issue. He rather demanded to formulate Right to Service Act at national level while terming the RTI as a strong weapon in the hands of public.

Addressing the sixth annual convention of Central Information Commissioners (CICs) in New Delhi on Saturday, Nitish said, “Although RTI ensures availability of information, common man would get its benefit only when it will be assured to him without any trouble.”

“For this, formation of Right to Service law at national level is necessary. It would bring transparency in the government functioning and help in checking corruption,” Nitish added.

When asked about RTI implementation in Bihar, the CM said the Act is being used to check corruption, adding that with a purpose to uproot corruption from public life Bihar Special Courts Act, 2009 was formulated in the state under which illegal properties of public servants is being confiscated.

 “Showing commitment towards implementation of RTI in the state that Bihar earned the reputation of being the first state in country to declare assets of its all ministers, CM and administrative officers on website,” Nitish added.