"What was the need to bring the ordinance through 'chor darwaza' (back door) in a hurry?" Kumar told reporters after a meeting of political advisory committee of JD(U).
Ordinance is generally brought in case of emergency on some important issue which could not wait for Parliament to sit and pass the legislation, he said.
"One House of Parliament has already passed the bill on Land acquisition and the issue is pending in another issue. After two months Parliament will sit for budget session in which the legislation could have been introduced for approval," he said and questioned the objective of the NDA government in showing hurry in bringing ordinance.
"Without consulting farmers and wider discussion on the legislation in the House an ordinance has been brought," the senior JD(U) said.
Kumar alleged the aim seems to be to buy land from farmers at "aune paune" (throwaway) price to benefit industrialists as part of the Centre's announcement to built big cities.
Making a scathing attack on the PM, Kumar said he sought vote in the name of farmers during election and now ignoring their interest to benefit industrialists.

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