"Vijay Goel's statement is an attempt to spread hatred in the society and is against the spirit of the Constitution," the former Chief Minister of Bihar told reporters.
"Jaisi party vaise log (as is the party so is its people)," Nitish said taking potshots at his earlier NDA colleague.
Goel had on Thursday last said in the Rajya Sabha that to solve the problems of Delhi, there was a need to stop the inflow of migrants from Bihar and Uttar Pradesh because they do not have employment opportunities in their respective states.
These migrants settle in slums, which later become unauthorised colonies. If we have to solve the problems of Delhi, we need to stop this inflow of migrants, Goel had said.
The former Bihar chief minister said on the sidelines of a function of his party's medical cell that Delhi belongs to everybody and was not only for those who came to settle here earlier.
During the time of Independence the population of Delhi was around 4-5 lakh which has multiplied to about 1.5 crore now, Kumar said.
People from Bihar are hard working and add to the economy of the place they live, he said.

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