Patna: In an apparent bid to glorify the importance of the legislative council, the Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on Friday said that he chose to become the member of legislative council (MLC) by choice and not any compulsion.

"I chose to become an MLC by choice and not because of any compulsion as the Upper House is a respectable institution," he said while addressing the commemorative meeting of the legislative council to mark its centenary celebrations.

"I will once again be elected to the legislative council upon completion of the present six-year term," Kumar said.

“Not only myself, but the Deputy Chief Minister Sushil Kumar Modi and four other Ministers are also members of the Upper House even as its members have been elected as the Chief Minister in the past also,” he said to drive home the significance of the legislative council.

Stating that the Bihar has had a glorious past and a bright future ahead, the Chief Minister called upon the members of the legislative council to collectively work towards development of the state.

"The MLAs belonging to different political parties may have divergent views, but all of us should shed our differences to take consensual decisions to the development of the state and welfare of the people," he said.

Hailing the significance of the centenary of the legislative council, Kumar said that all development and welfare projects undertaken in 2012, including construction of government buildings, will have 'Shatabdi (centenary)' as prefix to them.

He said that the legislative council in the past had dwelt on important public issues like the right to vote during its sessions in the pre-independence years and helped shape up democratic polity in the country.

Kumar said that in the post-independence years of the country in which socio-economic and political situation has drastically changed and new challenges confronting the society and polity which the society in general and the members of the legislative council should dwell on, including uplift of the downtrodden section.

Stating that the knowledge and wisdom were effective medium to resolve issues and problems, he urged the legislative council members to use the same to serve the society and speak for their rights and problems at the august forum.