Bettiah: While some witnessed the triple convergence of 11s with celebrations and others with wedding rituals, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar reserved the day for fight against corruption.

On Friday, 11-11-2011, the most auspicious date of the century which came after 100 years, Nitish Kumar approved the prosecution of 11 public servants accused in 11 different cases.

On the third day of his Seva Yatra, Nitish paid special attention to the problems of women present at the ‘Janata Darbar’, but as the clock ticked 11, he proceeded to the back chamber.

Later, it was discovered that at 11:00 am on the historic occasion of 11/11/11 Nitish Kumar passed the orders for trial against 11 corrupt officials accused in different corruption cases.

Nitish said that he dedicated the historical date for taking the first step of his fight against corruption.

Meanwhile, commenting on the office of Lokayukta in the state, he said, “Bihar’s ‘Lokayukta Sabha’ will comprise three members. It will be provided with adequate resources and the government will have no control over it.”