New Delhi: After withdrawing the provision of MLA funds in the state, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar’s proposal on Member of Parliament Local Area Development (MPLAD) funds has posed a problem before the Centre.

Nitish has put the responsibility of implementation of MPLAD funds on the Centre. In this regard, the Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation is in a dilemma over Nitish’s proposal and are sitting silent on the issue.

According to sources, if Bihar doesn’t use MPLAD funds, the state will not receive more funds for which the Centre cannot be held responsible.

Kumar in his letter to Union Minister MS Gill had put up questions on Centre’s various schemes and mentioned that the state was facing staff crunch. He also stated that more officers should be recruited for implementation of the MPLAD funds.

It should be noted that Nitish on several occasions has said that the Centre should drop few projects and siphon off those funds to the state so that the state government can use it according to its needs.

The letter has become a cause of worry for the Centre as it is not in position to appoint a new cadre for any programme.

Now when the MPLAD funds have increased to Rs 5 crore, number of projects and development work have also increased. There is a possibility that the Centre might pass the buck to Nitish for not proper use of the funds. Bihar will get Rs 280 crore under MPLAD funds annually.