Patna: Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on Friday came out in support of the Gandhian Anna Hazare’s campaign against corruption. Backing Hazare’s crusade against corruption, Nitish said the agitation is the manifestation of the country’s pledge.

“A political agitation has a reference of ruling and the Opposition. But Hazare’s campaign is an independent movement which would not only clean the corrupt nation but also its corrupt politics,” Nitish told reporters here on Friday.

Nitish reiterated that those in power must know that nobody would be allowed to conceal corruption now. “There’s no time to delay the issue, as there is widespread resentment, indignation and discontent brewing up in the people's mind against corruption,” he added.

Nitish was of the view that whatever Anna Hazare is saying should be accepted.

“In today’s scenario, no problem is bigger than fighting against corruption. Anna wants that there should be unanimity and participation of all for drafting the Jan Lokpal Bill and it also suggests that the law be framed keeping in mind people's interests,” he said, adding the UPA government is shying away from understanding this fact.

Taking the case of National Advisory Council (NAC) being headed by Sonia Gandhi to which several NGOs too are representatives, Kumar said NAC functions in a controlled condition but Hazare's view for engaging them in drafting the Jan Lokpal bill is in a natural condition.

The country is expecting an integrated law in regard to corruption. Time now calls for a strict and wider law to be implemented to check corruption and those in power should be answerable, said Nitish.