"A blower has been turned on by some people and you think it is natural air. There is nothing like this," he said in an apparent dig at Modi.
He also termed Muzaffarnagar riots a ‘blot’ on the country like Gujarat and Bhagalpur riots in the past and said that the situation should not have been allowed to deteriorate to the extent it did.
Constant vigilance and quick response time are key to defusing any communal flare up, the JD-U leader said and cited the example of his state where district magistrates and
superintendents of police are duty-bound to go to the spot and resolve any incidence with potential of religious tension.
"I met European Union Ambassador over lunch today. Somebody asked me what I would have done (in case of communal tension). I said there is no alternative to round the clock vigil... You have to earn everybody's confidence. It's not about words but action," he said.
He was delivering the sixth annual lecture of National Commission for Minorities on the ‘Idea of India,’ becoming the first Chief Minister to deliver an address at NCM's annual day.
"Unity in diversity is our foundation. Anything that confronts is against the idea of India," he said.
In a country as diverse as ours, symbols must be respected, he said, adding that sometime one has to wear a cap and sometime one needs to sport a tilak.
The Constitution gave everybody equal rights and if so many years after independence some people still feel marginalized and insecure, then there cannot be a worse news than this, he said.


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