There cannot be any alliance with Congress because it was that party that started the neo-liberal economic policies in the country, which were now being vigorously pursued by BJP government, CPI-M General Secretary Sitaram Yechury told a meet-the-press programme here.
"It is too early to read the messages of Congress in their opposition to some of the issues. However, it was a positive response in the case of land acquisition and net neutrality," he said.
So it would be issue-to-issue coordination in Parliament based on development. Not only that, the last CPI-M party Congress had emphatically ruled out any alliance with Congress, he pointed out.
Yechury also said it was not the trust-deficit with Congress but performance-deficit. "They have taken a position on land issue but we have to wait and see whether they would stand in their decision." In this regard, he said government could not have moved forward with FDI in insurance and coal sectors without the support of Congress.
Attacking the BJP government, Yechury charged it was not following the proper parliament procedures.
"This is the first government in the country that has lost its entire Unique Selling Points (USP) within one year after assuming office."
Prime Minister Narendra Modi came out with "fancy" ideas to attract youths, but none was fullfilled, he alleged.
Yechury said it was unfortunate that a debate was going on in the country with regard to who is responsible for the suicide of one farmer in Delhi during the AAP rally, ignoring the causes that actually led to the situation.

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