Islamabad, Feb 01 (Agencies): Pakistan Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani on Tuesday said his government has no plan for amending the country's blasphemy law, which has been the spotlight of a heated debate after liberals and rights activists called for its annul.

He said it was the Pakistan People's Party government spearheaded by late Prime Minister Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto that introduced the blasphemy law.

"Therefore any amendment in this law would be against our party line," Gilani said.
Punjab Governor Salmaan Taseer, a senior PPP leader, was assassinated recently by a police guard who is reported to have angered by the politician's opposition to the blasphemy law.

Religious fanatics and opposition political parties have mounted pressure on the government not to amend or scrap the controversial law.

Gilani said his government believes in taking all political partners on board while deciding national issues.

The government is seeking a policy of political reconciliation and dialogue to solve the crisis confronting the country.