London: A new survey has found that if there is no call or text message within 36 hours of your first date, then it is likely that there won't be a second.
Modern means of communication still abide by the so-called three-day rule of dating, but if one tries not to look desperate by not calling or texting after his first date, he is likely to be left on the shelf.
According to the LoveGeist survey, commissioned by the company behind dating site, the average wait is now half this time, just 1.52 days.
"The three-day rule might have worked when all we had were landlines, but technology has revolutionised how we date," the Daily Mail quoted Kate Taylor,'s relationship expert as saying.
"When everybody takes their mobile phone everywhere, waiting three days to get in touch just makes you look snooty or, worse, like you have run out of credit."
"The best thing about the new 1.5 day rule is that we don't have to wait around for three whole days worrying "are they into me?"
"If you like someone and want another date the best thing to do is send a brief, charming text asking if they'd like to meet up again, or call them. Keep it short and very sweet," she added.
The survey also revealed that, when it comes to asking out, traditional gender roles in dating still hold, with 22 per cent women waiting to be contacted first compared to just 5 per cent men.
Men are said to be more persistent than women when they are trying to arrange a second date, with 31 per cent of male daters trying to schedule a date two to three times before giving up.

Single ladies are more impatient, with 28 per cent saying that they would sever contact if they didn't get a reply first time around.

(Courtesy: Mid-day)