"It has been misinterpreted. The real truth is that in short halt flights where the time span is between 60-90 minutes, we used to serve sandwiches and snacks which used to be vegetarian. Only thing was that there was a long demand that there should be some hot food as well," Sharma told reporters.

"As a process of that we have started hot foods. In the long duration flights of more than 90 minutes, everything will remain same. Only part is that we have upgraded the issues as the new year is coming, and therefore some innovations have to be there. So, there is no change in the previous orders. Only thing is that some up-gradation has been put. Non-vegetarian food was earlier not there and at present is also not there," he added.

However, Chairman and Managing Director (CMD) of Air India, A. Lohani told reporters that the national carrier presently provides cold vegetarian snacks on 60-90 minute flights, however from now it will serve proper hot vegetarian meals.

Earlier, the national carrier decided to serve only vegetarian hot meals on its domestic flights in economy class with a flying time of 60 to 90 minutes from January 1.

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