New Delhi: A miffed International Boxing Association on Thursday said it was left with no choice but to suspend the Indian boxers and coaches from world events given the "lack of progress" in resolving the electoral mess that led to IABF's suspension late last year.
"Given the lack of progress made to resolve the situation in India, AIBA has been left with no choice but to extend its suspension to all boxers and coaches until such time as this complicated situation has been resolved," AIBA's PR and Communication Director Sebastien Gillot said.
The AIBA provisionally suspended the Indian Amateur Boxing Federation (IABF) in December last year citing the International Olympic Committee's suspension of the Indian Olympic Association and "possible manipulation in its elections".
The international body asked the IABF to hold a re-election and amend its constitution to fulfil the criteria of getting the suspension revoked. The world body had allowed the boxers and coaches to compete in international events in the meantime but that concession has now been taken back.
Gillot said the onus is now on the IABF to act fast and save the athletes any hassle.
"AIBA strongly urges the IABF to do its utmost to resolve the situation as soon as possible, in the best interests of the athletes. In the meantime, AIBA is unable to give any further comment on this situation," he said.
The IABF claimed ignorance of this new missive from AIBA. "They are not communicating with us anymore. We are totally in a fix. If this new directive is true than Indian boxing has been dealt a massive blow," a top IABF official said.


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