"As we have always maintained, we have 18 issues and we have 28 MLAs, no more. We will go to the floor of the Assembly and try to push each of the 18 issues which have brought us to where we are and we would expect that given the nature of these issues, and how much do they matter to the country and to the people of Delhi we would have the support of the majority on the floor of the House. If we don't have, we would move out," AAP leader Yogendra Yadav said.

"I think much of the questioning and speculation is still being dictated by the old grammar of politics. Grammar of common minimum program, alliances, tie-ups, understanding, covert understanding, I wish to underline that once again that there is nothing of that kind. We have the numbers, we are going ahead to implement our agenda,” he added.

Asked about differences within Congress over supporting AAP and apprehensions that the party may try to dictate terms or affect decisions of the Kejriwal-led government, Yadav said, "It is entirely the Congress party's prerogative to take a decision about what they wish to do in the government formation scenario in Delhi. It is not for me to advise them, it is not for me to speculate reasons why the Congress may wish to dictate one decision or the other as we have clarified always that we do not have an alliance or a tie up, we don't have an understanding.”

"In the absence of that (understanding), there are no rights and obligations. It is not for me to say what they should do. Congress is an independent political party, a mature political party. It is for them to take a decision," he added.


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