Mumbai: The famous adage goes everything comes at a price. Well, in the case of one-film-olds Arjun Kapoor and Diana Penty, it is the 'prize' that ultimately matters!

Our sources say that the spokespersons of the two actors turned down media requests for the actors’ bytes in regards to an awards event, until and unless the two were actually picked to win.

A source says, “Unlike in the past, nowadays it’s an actor’s manager who handles his or her life. That’s very sad! The request for bytes came from the same channel that is actually organising this awards gala.”

Another source, who was present when the incident panned out, says, “Arjun and Diana had been nominated in the newcomer category at the event. When a channel called the actors’ managers for media bytes, they were unceremoniously turned down.” Apparently Arjun and Diana would only open their mouths if they actually won the award. Phew!


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