"Whether this entire illegal surveillance and spying operation in disregard of constitution and law not raise ethical and moral issues as to the capability, mannerism and style of Narendra Modi? Can such a person be trusted to run any publicity responsibility and protect the rights and privacy of citizens including the entire women of India comprising of nearly 50 per cent of its population?" the Congress asked on Sunday.

The Congress also asked the party to ‘come clean’ on the illegal surveillance of a young woman.     

Seeking answers from the opposition leaders, the Congress also termed as ‘shocking’ the entire BJP leadership's continuous and steadfast refusal to answer the reason, purpose and motive for spying on a young architect girl at the instance of Modi by ‘misusing the entire state machinery’.

Observing that Right to Privacy is part of fundamental rights of 'Right to Life' under Article 21 of the Constitution, the Congress asked whether Modi and Shah have right to conduct surveillance of a young girl as also tapping her phones, phones of her friends and acquaintances with complete impunity in a totally illegal fashion.

"Why were extensive spying operations launched on an 'oral undated request' by father of an adult girl, as is being alleged in hindsight as a mode of defence? Which Chief Minister puts a young girl under such extensive surveillance on an oral undated request from her parents or relation?" the party said.

The Congress wanted to know in how many cases before and after this incident has Modi put young girls under surveillance on the request of their parents or relation.

"Why were other friends and acquaintances meeting up with the young girl being put under surveillance?" Mahila Congress leaders Priyanka Chaturvedi and Sobha Oza asked.


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