Briefing reporters at Kerala House in Delhi, Kerala Chief Secretary Jiji Thomson dismissed claims that beef was served in the canteen there.

"No. I totally deny it. We have never done it. What they have done is they have given buffalo meat and that is what they term as beef. No cow meat was served," he said. The Kerala Chief Secretary cited a complaint has been lodged with Delhi Police over the entry of some activists into Kerala House without taking permission from the Resident Commissioner.

"Yesterday, we were told that some activists have entered without the permission of the Resident Commissioner. We have taken objection to that. We have lodged a complaint with the DCP (of Delhi Police)," he said.

The Chief Secretary also said that police should have entered with permission yesterday. However, in the light of the events yesterday, Kerala House has temporarily taken buffalo meat off its menu, according to the officials running the canteen.

Meanwhile, A Sampath, a CPI(M) MP representing Attingal Lok Sabha constituency in Kerala, said that the incident was "humiliating" for the state government.

"As a member of Parliament, I feel that it is something humiliating to the state government...This (Kerala House) is the property of the Government of Kerala, just like a foreign nation having its embassy here in India. I am not challenging the powers of the Government of India. But what has happened here is highly deplorable. I suspect there might be some political motive behind it," he added.

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