Patna: General Secretary Prakash Karat on Thursday said there was no difference between the Congress and the BJP as far as corruption was concerned.

"There is no difference between the Congress and the BJP as far as corruption is concerned. Both are the progenitors and advocates of neo-liberal policies," Karat alleged at the inaugural session of the 21st CPI congress here.

"If the Congress-led government cannot live down the infamy of the 2g spectrum scandal, the BJP cannot esc ape the responsibility for the loot of the mining resources under its government in Karnataka," he said, adding that the rampant corruption being experienced was spawned by a big business-politician-bureaucrat nexus.

He said that the deepening agrarian crisis, suicides by farmers, exploitation of the working class, exploitation of natural resources through corrupt methods, and levels of hunger and malnutrition should shame any civilised society.

Stating that situation was vastly different from the last congress of the CPI, he said that his party withdrew support to the UPA government on the issue of its strategic alliance with the US which centred on the nuclear deal.

"The UPA-II government which came into office after the last Lok Sabha election has been pursuing the same path of neo-liberal policies which we were opposed to during its earlier tenure too," he said.