"Of course, a human being without pinnae (external ears) and hole can hear if his middle and internal organs are fit. Such patient listens through bone conduction of skull but the quality of voice heard might not be clear because there is absence of air conduction," Dr Kasliwal said.

A new implant Bone Anchord Hearing Aid (BAHA) could be tried to improve the hearing ability and plastic surgery could provide artificial pinnae, Dr Kasliwal added.

When contacted, 30-year-old Daulatram Jangid said over phone, "I have this defect by birth and have no external pinnae nor any hole."

Jangid said none of his four siblings - two brothers and sisters - have such defect. He said it was very disappointing during school life when his classmates made fun of him.

Jangid, who helps his brother in carpentry, also feels the defect is probably the reason he could not get married.

His brother Murari Jangid said he should be given a government job as he could not afford a costly operation.


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