Bhopal: The Pench Hydel Power Project is facing temporary closure due to the lack of coordination between Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra. The move of Maharashtra government to deny the permission to release water from the dam led temporary closure of the power manufacturing unit.

The two states are at loggerheads as Maharashtra has the ownership rights of the dam, the hydro electricity unit is controlled by Madhya Pradesh. It is noteworthy that Hydro electricity is a major respite for Madhya Pradesh, which is presently reeling under acute power crisis.

Owing to the ignorant attitude of Maharashtra government, the hydro power is solely dependent on rainwater.

The power plant constitutes two units of 80 megawatts each. The Maharashtra government passed instructions that the water of Kheri canal is first used to cater the water needs and irrigation of the state. Only thereafter, the water would be supplied for the hydro power plant. As a result, the power production at Pench has come to a standstill.

A few days back, Maharashtra provided water supply to permit two hours of functioning of only one power generating unit.

According to the officials of the electricity board, the plant is not being run in its full efficiency due to the ignorant attitude of Maharashtra government. In the last few days, the water level has increased in the reservoirs and if it rains more, the state will get sufficient power. The issue has been brought to the knowledge of senior officials of Power Department.