There seems no end to Air India crisis despite the Supreme Court holding the strike by Air India pilots as illegal. The manner in which Union Civil Aviation Minister, Ajit Singh said that the pilots need to decide whether they want Air India operation to continue or not only gives the notion that the future of the beleaguered Airline now lies in the hands of errant pilots. The admittance by Civil Aviation Minister that Air India is on the verge of bankruptcy raises serious questions.  And if it is so, then why is the government hell bent on continuing with its operations? Why is the government planning to give Rs 30 crore bailout package to Air India? The government has to come out with an answer as the money that is to be invested in the airline is of the people.  After all, how can a government dole out such whopping amount on an enterprise which has virtually become like a sinking ship and does not give the slightest hint that it would be revived in near future. It is strange that the government is planning a bailout package for the airline when the pilots are not willing to relent.  All this indicates that the government is misusing public money for selfish political gains. It is an open fact that Air India has often been misused flagrantly by political leaders and bureaucrats.

The way Air India is being operated proves that only politicians and diplomats are being benefitted by the public carrier. The interference of the government in Air India’s functioning has stalled its growth.  It has failed to realize that the success of any company depends on being made competitive and run according to market norms. Whenever the government embarks on a new thought, it assures the country that it would help move things in right direction but sadly that has rarely been the case. Neither the merger of Indian Airlines with Air India could help government’s cause neither could the decision of buying new planes prove to be of any help. There can be nothing worse than the fact that the pilots themselves have lost faith in the government. It is quite disappointing that the government has neither been able to save the national carrier nor have bailed out the beleaguered civil aviation industry.